A Line up of Illustration

So today I had a real crack down on the presentation of my blog, I suppose I sat down for around an hour today fiddling around with photoshop for logo designs. Yes I did eventually come up with one as you can see above! I also tried my hand at taking some decent photographs, but seeing as I am completely inexperienced and no one was willing to lend me a decent camera, I failed, quite miserably.

The reason I have been working on the overall presentation of this blog, is that I am hoping to sell some of my art work as prints online, and the line up above is just some of the art I would be hoping to sell. So I have been scanning the internet for sites that I can sell my art on, I have found a few, but has anyone any experience? I would appreciate your help greatly – after a trip to a professional photographers that is!


2 responses to “A Line up of Illustration

  1. Two of the sites that I offer my artwork on are:
    fineartamerica.com and imagekind.com
    Both will allow you to offer your artwork, set your own prices, print and ship your pieces directly to the buyer. They deduct their base price for doing this and the rest of the money goes into an account that you designate.

    Beautiful work, I wish you all the best!!


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